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Mind Control Practice

What for do we need to pracice mind control?

mind control, mind control practice

We have seen that nervous tension control will be only one of the multiple reasons, for which somebody can want to study mind control, but he could also do it to:

* Take off tension pains without taking any class of medications

* Sleep without taking pills for the insomnia

* Combat the undesirable habits (as smoking in excess, eat in undue form, drink in excess, etc.)

* Learn how not to fall asleep without medicines, coffee, tea or other exciting beverages

* Wake up by means of the self-control of the dream, without going trough the exciting effect of the alarm clock

* Relieve pains that weren't produced by stress

* Improve the relationships with our fellow men

* Pass easily an exam

* Get an employment

* Have success in our home business

* Solve our couple problems

* Improve our memory and concentration capacity

* Make more money

* Etc.

Our brain is certainly a strange organ, because in certain way, it works different from the rest of the organism.

Let us suppose that I want to take out the maximum profit of a muscle. What is it that I need to do?

To use it as much as I can, to make gymnastics and if it is possible with overweight; and in little time I will see how my muscular mass increases, and my strength together with it.

So the muscles work better the more they work, but the brain works better the more it is in its lower cycles. This that can sound strange it's easier to understand with an example.

Let us think of a student that has to give an exam. Let us suppose that he is an excellent student that studies all the points. He goes to the exam; but when he finds himself in front of the teachers, begins to get nervous in such a way that then suffers the total loss of his memory, and fails.

This student after a certain time lapse, when he begins to calm down, thinking in his exam says: "but what they requested me to draw is the same that we saw in last week that was this way, this way and this way. And that other question that they asked me... but if it was such and such a thing"; and then he realizes that he knew all and each one of the answers, to the same questions that before could not answer.

And if he knew the answers, why did he fail?

He failed because when he went to give his exam he abandoned his twenty habitual brain cycles, and stopped to work in centered and harmonious mental levels, passing to a blockade situation, caused by a higher brain level.

This example allows us to see, that there are things that I can make very well at twenty brain cycles, but I cannot make or know when I have more cycles. In the same way, when my brain works at fourteen cycles, I will be better than at twenty and at ten better than at fourteen.

So, our brain works better, when lower are its cycles.

If we begin to analyze how's the human being; we can't avoid being surprised with the irony of knowing that: During our normal vigil state, we have twenty brain cycles; below twenty cycles and down to the fourteen, we grow drowsy or are only fairly awake, and below the fourteen cycles we fall asleep. And we enter in a deeper dream, the lower our cerebral cycles become.

But when we reach the fourteen brain cycles, that is to say when we are sleeping, it is when our inner force has its full strength. That is to say that when we have our maximum mind power, we cannot use it.

That's why when somebody is interested in learning mind control because of one of the reasons mentioned before, he has approached mind control attracted by its additional benefits, but is not considering the main benefit of it, that is the best use of our inner power. Or our capacity of subjective communication (subconscious to subconscious communication) that will let has handle easily our life, or maybe we should say would let us take from life what we expect from her.

When you learn how to enter consciously at the Alpha brain levels, for the first time in your life you'll have the possibility to have both minds (your conscious mind and your inner or subconscious mind) working jointly. In that moment, maybe for the first time in your life, you will be able to take the authentic control of your existence, and will be able to tell yourself: I want to go toward there and go exactly toward there, and not to leave walking in contrary sense, as many times happens, in spite of our best purposes.

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

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